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Community Solar Program

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Take part in the first wave of community solar projects being developed in Illinois. Oak Park residents have an opportunity to participate as subscribers in an operational community solar project.

Join the Waitlist today, and mc² will contact you with more information on the opportunity to become a subscriber to the project once your account is analyzed. There are no fees or costs associated with the Waitlist, and there is no obligation to become a subscriber. First come first served basis.

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Large scale* community solar gardens are developed at off-site locations to generate clean, carbon-free electricity.
The community solar garden generates clean, carbon-free electricity and supplies it to the utility’s power grid for delivery to its distribution customers including homes, schools and business.
You enroll as a subscriber to the community solar facility, and you receive a net metering credit on your monthly utility electricity invoice for your portion of the solar power generated each calendar month. MC Squared Energy Services bills you separately for 80% of the net metering credit you receive, and therefore you retain 20% as your monthly savings! There are no other fees involved – it’s that simple to support solar generating resources in Illinois and receive a guaranteed savings for participating.

Community solar allows consumers to support the development of renewable energy generation without having to install solar panels on their roof. Participating consumers have the choice to participate as "subscribers" in a community solar project.


A community solar project is a single site solar installation that is shared by multiple consumers (termed "subscribers"). Each subscriber receives credits for their share of the electricity generated by their community solar installation (termed "net metering credits"). These net metering credits reduce the amount of electricity charged to the subscriber's account each month to yield cost savings. With community solar, subscribers can reduce their monthly bills with solar without installing or maintaining any equipment on their property.
FEJA refers to legislation passed in 2016. FEJA made many changes to how energy policy works in Illinois, including enabling community solar. FEJA also includes new state administered programs called the Adjustable Block Program and Solar for All which help to support community solar development, however community solar projects are not obligated to participate in these state programs.
Community solar projects generate electricity, and that power is delivered into the electric grid of the utility. The community solar project signs up subscribers, which can include virtually any electric customer within Commonwealth Edison’s (ComEd) service territory. Each subscriber receives monthly net metering credits based on the size of their subscription, how much the community solar project generates, and the subscriber’s electricity supply arrangement. Each subscription is tied to a specific community solar project.
It is an easy way to support clean energy generation located within Illinois. Supporting these types of projects help to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and support clean energy generation. In addition, you do not have to invest in a solar asset on your rooftop, which may not be right for everybody. You will receive a net metering credit on your monthly ComEd electric utility bill for your share of the generation created by these projects. Oak Park’s program will not have upfront costs, will not lock you into a long-term contract, and guarantees savings if the subscriber follows a few simple steps.
The Village of Oak Park is Illinois’ first available residential community solar program located in the ComEd service territory. The program is currently available to Oak Park residents through Oak Park’s current municipal electricity aggregation program provider, Chicago-based MC Squared Energy Services. Sign up if you are interested in the opportunity to become one of the subscribers in the Oak Park Community Solar program. There is no obligation to participate in the project.
The Oak Park Program uses a two-stage subscription billing process.

First, after successfully completing the enrollment process, you will receive the net metering credits on your monthly ComEd electric utility bill for your share of the generation created by your community solar project under the utility’s default electricity supply tariff service. The invoice examples below show you how this works.

Then, after you have received you net metering credits from ComEd, MC Squared Energy Services, LLC will bill you for 80 % of the net metering credits – leaving you with 20 % of all net metering credits.Your monthly bill from MC Squared Energy Services, LLC will also report how your participation impacts the environment each month.
This initial community solar project for the Oak Park Program will have capacity for a limited number of initial subscriptions (approximately 200 +/- residents). After the first community solar project is fully subscribed, a waitlist will be maintained. Oak Park residents on the waitlist will be contacted as new community solar subscription opportunities become available.
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are attributes generated by community solar projects. Under the Illinois Shines program, community solar owners sell the RECs generated from our community solar farms to Illinois utilities to help the state of Illinois reach required renewable energy targets set by the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard
Illinois Shines, or the Adjustable Block Program, is a state-administered program for new solar PV systems. You can learn more about Illinois Shines by reading this this brochure.


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*You may choose a community solar offer from other Approved Vendors. For a complete list of your options, visit https://illinoisshines.com/approved-vendor-info/.